A graphic novel trilogy set in a fantastical Egypt where wishes are literally for sale, and the more expensive they are the more powerful their ability to fulfill your dreams. SHUBEIK LUBEIK tells the story of three first-class wishes and how they affect the lives of three characters trying to achieve their dreams in a wildly stratified society.


The award-winning first part of the trilogy, Aziza, introduces us to an imagined modern-day Cairo, where first class wishes are sold in bottles, and third class wishes are sold in cans. Unfortunately, the majority of the population can only afford third class wishes, which have been banned in Europe and by the government because they are highly unpredictable and often come true in damaging or ineffective ways.  

Aziza is a serious young woman, a hard worker whose life experience has taught her never to let her guard down; still, she allows herself to be wooed by Abdo, a boy she has grown up with who loves Aziza and life wholeheartedly. When Abdo is suddenly taken from her, Aziza, who has never believed in buying wishes before, seeks out a local kiosk which she has been told is selling first class wishes at a deep discount.

Aziza is a story about loss and regret; it is also a story about our deepest desires and the human right to have, and make, wishes.

3rd class wish genie formed of arabic calligraphy

3rd class wish genie formed of arabic calligraphy


Best Graphic Novel at the Cairo Comix Festival (2017)
Grand Prize at the Cairo Comix Festival (2017)

1st class wish genie of (better) arabic calligraphy

1st class wish genie of (better) arabic calligraphy




 Shubeik Lubeik in English

Shubeik Lubeik is an Arabic incantation that genies declare upon emerging from the bottle in folktales. It has the same meaning as “Your wish is my command.”

Each part of the Shubeik Lubeik trilogy is released as a separate novel in Arabic. The first part has already been published by Dar al-Mahrousa in 2018. The translated collected volume of all three books is set to be released in English by Pantheon Books (US) and Granta (UK) in 2021.

If you can read Arabic, you can find more information on where to purchase the Arabic edition of the first part of the trilogy below.


Where can I buy Shubeik Lubeik in arabic?


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Purchasing FAQ

I can’t find it in Diwan/Sherouk/etc!

Diwan and Sherouk stock only a few copies in each branch, so you may have to order it from their storage to the nearest store. It takes about a week for them to bring new copies to a branch. delivery outside the MENA region is super expensive!

I know!!! is the best option for worldwide shipping so far, but inside Egypt there is and for the United States you can also order via Maamoul Press!

Will it be available at [festival/convention/book fair]?

Yes! Shubeik Lubeik goes around a lot of book fairs with Al-Mahrousa and abroad with me. The best way to keep up with that is by either following or contacting Dar Al-Mahrousa’s Facebook page or Instagram, and my personal Twitter or Instagram.