illustrated egyptians

a series of character illustrations based on real people seen on the street; details in individual captions


Bakkar! Bakkar is a beloved and iconic cartoon character from the popular Egyptian animated show created by Muna Abu AlNasr that i watched during my childhood, which was renewed again in 2016. But since that meant Bakkar has been a kid for 25 years, i decided to do a little fanart and give him the opportunity to grow up for once.

fantasy & folklore character concepts

redesign of the mascot for the national Egyptian football team, who was based on Egyptian crocodile god Sobek

a design for omena el ghoula, an old woman character in Egyptian folklore than is famously said to capture and eat little children

mermay sketches! as a child I had a personal mermaid-verse where mermaids all had special powers based on their type of tail, and eel mermaids were the most powerful of them all.