Hi! I am Deena Mohamed, an Egyptian illustrator and designer. I first started making comics at eighteen, with my webcomic Qahera about a visibly muslim Egyptian superhero that addresses social issues such as islamophobia and misogyny. 

My debut graphic novel, Shubeik Lubeik, is an urban fantasy about wishes. It is published in Arabic in Egypt by Dar El Mahrousa and was awarded Best Graphic Novel and the Grand Prize of the Cairo Comix Festival (2017.) It was part of the exhibition on Contemporary Arab Comics at the Museum of Comics (musée de la bande dessinée) in Angoulême, where I was also an artist-in-residence for three months at the maison des auteurs. The English translation for all three parts of  Shubeik Lubeik has been acquired by Pantheon Books for North America and Granta for the UK, for publication in spring 2021. I am represented by Anjali Singh, Pande Literary.

Some other exhibitions I’ve participated in include L'Escale (Angoulême, 2017), Superheroes Wanted (Berlin, 2018) and Arts, Activism and Research (York, 2018). 

When I’m not working on my own comics, I also do freelance illustrations for local and international clients such as Viacom, UN Women, Nazra for Feminist Studies,  Harrassmap and Mada Masr. I love working on projects that involve community development, awareness and outreach (particularly editorial illustrations) as well as childrens’ books.

Other than that, I am largely asleep. I work and reside in Cairo.

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August 23rd - october 2019:

Happy to announce I will be at the MacDowell Colony in New Hampshire for a two-month artist fellowship from August until October!


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Deena has already published the first graphic novel in a trilogy she named Shubeik Lubeik and is currently juggling between marketing that, writing the two sequels to it, and freelancing. She may already be known to you for Qahera, a Superhero comic-strip she started in 2013, or her #Inktober blowout this year. [continue reading]